Graph Tech 3-a-side Electric Guitar Ratio Machine Heads


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Product Overview

3-A-Side. Vintage, tulip shaped buttons. Diecast housing with hardened steel gears. Triple plated Chrome. Packaged.

Gear Ratios: E1=12:1, B2=20:1, G3=35:1, D4=20:1, A5=24:1, E6=39:1.

Now pre-packaged with four different sets of brushed aluminium InvisoMatch mounting plates, they will match perfectly with most mounting screw configurations. Simply match the plate to the existing mounting screw pattern on the machine heads you are replacing for perfect alignment with no extra holes to drill or fill in. One set of Ratios will fit hundreds of different models of guitars without modifications, a perfect installation every time.

Graph Tech has reinvented how machine heads function with their patented Ratio multigeared technology. Incorporating a different gear ratio for each string position, every string responds the same to any tuning adjustment. With Ratio, one turn is about one tone change on all strings, making tuning, retuning and open tunings easier, quicker and more intuitive.

Premium finish, triple plated chrome plates are also optionally available for a perfect match in triple chrome finish.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review