DiMarzio Sixties P™ Bass Pickup - Gloss Black

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Product Overview

From its distinctive tone to its definitive growl, the Sixties P™ is the embodiment of everything that made the sound of the old school Fender Precision Bass great.

Built on the shape of DiMarzio's sculpted Relentless™ metal covers, DiMarzio uses vintage style enamel-coated wire and flush-mounted, fully-charged Alnico 5 rod magnets to keep that rich Motown soul/funk tone of the 60s.

The metal cover is much thinner than a molded plastic cover, and the compound radius shape matches the fingerboard arch. This design puts the pickups closer to the strings for improved dynamics, and the added shielding makes it 3db quieter than a stock Precision Bass pickup. The Sixties P™ is fully potted to reduce microphonics, and it’s virtually noise free.

DiMarzio's circuit board mounting system drops the height adjustment screws below the pickguard, eliminating bashed fingers, and the rounded corners feel more comfortable as you play.

The installation kit includes Billy Sheehan’s isolation mount tubing.

The Sixties P™ is a direct replacement for any American Standard Precision Bass and handmade in New York City.

Recommended For: Middle position
Quick Connect: No
Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Alnico 5
Resistance: 13.76 Kohm
Year of Introduction: 2020


(No reviews yet) Write a Review