DiMarzio EP1112 Multi-pole 4 bank switch Selector Switch

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Product Overview

Open style 5 way Multi-pole 4 bank switch. 

DiMarzio was founded on the spirit of continuous improvement and a passionate reverence for their vintage roots. DiMarzio parts hold to these same ideals, because theey know that the performance of your pickups is only as good as the parts connecting them. So, DiMarzio searched the industry for the most robust, reliable, and finest sounding electrical parts to offer customers, including many parts that are custom-built specifically for DiMarzio.

The invention of a five-way pickup switch opened up a new world of tonal possibilities and voices on the guitar, as opposed to the rather limited three-option switch that preceded it. Its revolutionary attribute was making it possible for players to eliminate the 60-cycle hum of a single-coil pickup by way of combining a standard pickup with one that was wound in reverse with reverse polarity (RWRP).

The second pole of contacts in this multipole ‘Master Switch’ exponentially expand the instrument’s soundscape by making it possible to access the modern split coil and phase options afforded by four-conductor pickups.

DiMarzio chose this blade-style switch for its tone and feel. Each position in this stout switch translates to the hand with a positive ‘click’ – no more need to look down at your instrument mid-performance to determine which of your pickups is selected. This switch's precision is accomplished through careful machining and a universal tension cam that replaces the spring found on most other blade switches.

Whether you’re replacing a defective switch, building a new instrument, or just in the market for an upgrade, DiMarzio’s switches are an improvement that you will both hear and feel.

Black and white switch tips are included, along with two nickel-plated Phillips-head mounting screws.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review