DiMarzio DP711 Ionizer 7™ Bridge Humbucker

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Product Overview

The Ionizer 7™ Neck & Bridge model pickups were designed for Tosin Abasi. 8-String guitars are Tosin Abasi's primary instruments, but he's no stranger to 7-String guitars, and the idea of the Ionizer 7™ came up soon after the Ionizer 8™ left the drawing board. It has warm lows and clear highs, and performs like a classic single-coil in split mode.

Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output: 425
DC Resistance: 11.51
Year of Introduction: 2013

Tone Guide
Treble: 5.5
Mid: 7
Bass: 6


(No reviews yet) Write a Review