DiMarzio DP705 X2N® 7

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Expected release date is 24th Nov 2021

Product Overview

What’s the story with 7-string guitarists? They always want more: more strings, more bass response, more notes to play with and — of course — more power. The X2N® 7 is the answer. If you’re looking for pretty sound, don’t go here. If you’re looking for pretty crazy, this is it. Like the original 6-string model, the X2N® 7 is ridiculously loud, but DiMarzio have totally re-designed the coils to capture the entire frequency response of all seven strings. And for players who experience occasional moments of sanity, the parallel humbucking and split coil modes are available for cleaner and quieter sounds.

DiMarzio were concerned that a pickup as hot as the X2N® would make the seventh string sound too muddy, but they've recently come up with a new way to use their dual resonance coil design to solve the problem. There's a tremendous amount of power focused on the center of the guitar's frequency range, but spreading out the tuning of the two coils allows the sound to open up more than a standard high-output pickup could, and this also allows the seventh string to stay relatively tight.

Quick Connect No
Wiring 4 Conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Resistance 13.97 Kohm
Year of Introduction 2006


(No reviews yet) Write a Review