DiMarzio DP549 Ultra Jazz 5™ Pair

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Product Overview

The Ultra Jazz 5™ has many of the same qualities as the 4-string Ultra Jazz™, but it’s been specifically designed to meet the demands of 5-string basses. By means of a unique application of Virtual Vintage® technology, the Ultra Jazz 5™ both cancels hum and produces balanced power and frequency response across all five strings. Although designed for passive operation, the Ultra Jazz 5™ also performs excellently with many active onboard preamps.

Recommended For
Neck and bridge position. Important Note: The cover dimensions of the Ultra Jazz 5™ are not the same as 5-string Fender Jazz Bass®. The Ultra Jazz 5™ therefore cannot be installed as direct replacements on these basses without modification.

Tech Talk
The appearance of the Ultra Jazz 5™ is traditional, but the wide dynamic range and frequency response of the hybrid magnetic structure allows both vintage and modern sounds. Hum-cancellation is achieved by using Virtual Vintage® technology to suppress 60-cycle noise, with one coil sensing the “B”, “E”, and “A” strings, and the other coil sensing the “D” and “G” strings. While the basic sound of the pickup is similar to the 4-string Ultra Jazz™, it's been adjusted to keep the tonality and response as consistent as possible from the “B” string to the “G” string. Particular care was taken to keep the low “B” string big-sounding without becoming muddy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review