DiMarzio DP278S Fantom P90 Soapbar


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Product Overview

We don’t have to convince you that vintage P90 pickups are special. You already love their thick mid-range grittiness and growl, their creamy single-notes, and their harmonic bloom.

The only drawback has been that P90s are noisy.

DiMarzio’s challenge was to create a hum-canceling pickup that fit into a P90 cover yet retained the classic nuance, sound, and appearance of a Fifties P90.

DiMarzio's patent-pending design breaks new ground in guitar pickup development, and uses four coils to give you a P90 without the hum. So go ahead and crank up your amp without fear of the hum.

This Fantom P90™ comes mounted into a standard soapbar size P90 cover.

The Fantom P90™ is designed to work in all positions.

Recommended for: All positions
Quick Connect: No
Wiring: 2 Conductor
Magnet: Neo
Resistance: 13.77 kOhm
Year of Introduction: 2019


(No reviews yet) Write a Review