Two Notes Torpedo Reload

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Product Overview

Guitar connectivity… perfected!
Two Notes Audio Engineering, creator of the world’s best speaker cabinet simulation, has bridged a new technological gap with the Torpedo Reload, your new high-end device for silent playing and reamplification.

The Reload is the ideal combination of the devices you must have in a modern studio for the recording of electric guitars and basses: a power attenuator, a multi-impedance loadbox, a DI and re-amping box – it does it all and does it perfectly too.

The Two Notes philosophy stands in one word, transparency. The tone must come from your guitar, your amp and cabinet – not from the electronics that we put between parts of your regular setup.

RE-ACT™: Reactive-Active Attenuator
Attenuators are usually known for the negative impact they have on your tone in cases of heavy attenuation. On the contrary, the Reactive-Active technology presents your amplifier with a consistent speaker’s impedance no matter what level of attenuation you’re at, and thus preserves the specific character of your amplifier. With a choice of 4, 8, or 16 Ohms, your amplifier (up to 100W RMS) will actually see real speaker impedance, and your tone will remain constant throughout the continuous attenuation curve.

Transparency is the key.

The result of years of research, the RE-ACTTM technology (Reactive-Active Attenuator) will tame your amplifier without ever betraying it.

From -6dB attenuation to total silencing, you can nonetheless choose between absolute transparency to more vintage or modern tone coloring with the CONTOUR.

Plug your guitar into the DI Input and send that signal to your recorder. At that stage what you want is clarity and Two Notes preserves your guitar’s tone, as you will certainly want to re-inject it into your amp through the REPLAY™.

One of the most interesting options in studios nowadays: play the guitar one day, and mike the amp (or many different amps) another. The Torpedo Reload is your re-amplifying device of choice. The most difficult part in re-amplification techniques is finding the output level on the DAW that matches the level of your guitar when it is directly connected to the amplifier. That problem is now solved, thanks to the Reload’s unique…

MATCH™ function
This Two Notes innovation is the solution to the problem of level adjustment when re-amplifying. MATCH™ compares the signal as it comes from the guitar (plugged to the DI input) with which it has been recorded (and sent to the REPLAY™ Line Input) so that what you send the amp is the ideal level only. Now you can be sure that the signal you send from the DAW is exactly what your guitar itself would be sending.

Plug your guitar into the DI Input and send this signal to your recorder. Later on, you can re-send that signal to your amplifier by using re-amping techniques with the Reload‘s REPLAY™ function. To make it perfect, Two Notes has developed the unique MATCHT™ function – THE solution to the problem of level adjustment when re-amplifying.

One Device to Rule Them All?
Record your guitar using the DI, send the signal back to your amp using the REPLAY™, drive your amp the way it should be driven and lower the level or simply make it silent with RE-ACT™, record the signal from the loadbox, and even use your own microphone and cabinet for a 3rd take – all simultaneously!

The Torpedo Reload comes with the Wall of Sound III plug-in and your first 24 speaker cabinets: in conjunction with the Torpedo Reload and your beloved guitar or bass amplifier, the WoS III plug-in will achieve absolutely true-to-life studio miking of your amp.

Choose the cabinet and microphone; place the mic in your virtual studio to find the “sweet spot”, and enjoy all of the Torpedo features, including power-amp simulation, 3rd-party IR compatibility, and the possibility of mixing up to 100 different cabs within a single plug-in instance.  


4-, 8-, 16-Ohm, real speaker impedance
Unlike other attenuators that may “show” your amplifier a higher impedance and thereby crush its tone, the Reload offers constant loadbox impedance which is similar to a speaker’s, and which is low enough to drive the speaker in the most respectful way possible. The tone picked up by the loadbox is therefore transmitted to the speaker without any modification.

Inputs / Outputs
Inputs can handle both balanced and unbalanced signals.

DI and Loadbox Outputs are electronically balanced using low-noise, low-distortion circuits so your tone will never be affected by any kind of unwanted artifacts. They are also protected against 48V Phantom power, in case you forget to switch it off on the mixer.

The REPLAY™ Output follows a low-impedance unbalanced design to ensure the best conditions when sending the signal to the amplifier.

The ground lifts will allow you to solve any and all grounding issues that may come up when you are setting up the kind of complex wiring you can use with the Reload.

The Two Notes active security system that you find in all the Two Notes product is there to protect both the player and the amplifier plugged to the Torpedo Reload against any kind of overheating and inappropriate impedance matching.

Sturdy & reliable
Two Notes use the best aluminum and steel for the utmost protection of the Reload‘s precious electronics. It’s heavy, built to last — it will survive any studio session or stage stress.

Dimensions & weight
Width x depth x height: 304 x 184 x 89 (mm) / 12 x 7.2 x 3.5 (in)
4 kg (8.8 lb)

High-quality electronic design
The best simulation is nothing without a perfectly designed analog and digital circuit. Two Notes focuses on the whole signal chain, from your amp or preamp output to the PA, monitor, headphones, or recorder to guarantee the best performance. Guitar and bass players deserve studio-quality gear!

Torpedo Technology
Many parameters influence the sound of your guitar or bass rig when it comes to recording. Carefully selecting your cabinet and miking options will dramatically improve the sound of your takes. The Torpedo simulation reproduces the tiniest variations of a cabinet’s behavior such as frequency response and distortion (*). Move the microphone in the virtual studio room thanks to the Torpedo IR synthesis, control the phase with the Variphi (*) — all the settings you need to achieve great recordings are here.

(*) VB-101, VM-202 and WoS plug-in only


All that is listed below comes with the PI-101 WoS plug-in.

Power-amp simulation

4 types of tubes:

  • EL84
  • EL34
  • 6L6
  • KT88

2 different types of circuits:

  • class A / single ended
  • class AB / push pull

2 modes:

  • pentode
  • triode


  • Volume
  • Presence
  • Depth
  • Switch Pentode / Triode

Available guitar cab models

  • 2Notes CSG: Two Notes Custom 1×12″ ElectroVoice® EVM12L
  • Alichino: Cornford® Harlequin 1×12” OB Celestion® Vintage 30 UK
  • Angl VintC: Engl® 4×12″ Celestion® V30
  • Bayou: Jenkins® Sound Lab 2×12” OB Eminence® Patriot Swamp Thang
  • BDeLuxe: Fender® Blues Deluxe 1×12″
  • Blonde 63: Fender® Bassman ’63 Blonde Tolex Piggy Back 2×12″
  • Brit 65C: Marshall® 1965A 4×10″ Celestion® G10L-35 closed back
  • Brit 65O: Marshall® 1965A 4×10″ Celestion® G10L-35 open back
  • Brit Std: Marshall® JCM900 2×12″ Celestion® G12T
  • Brit VintC: Marshall® Slash Signature 4×12″ Celestion® V30 closed back
  • Brit VintO: Marshall® Slash Signature 4×12″ Celestion® V30 open back
  • Calif C90: Mesa/Boogie® 1×12″ Celestion® C90 (Black Shadow)
  • Calif StdC: Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4×12″ Celestion® V30 closed back
  • Calif StdO: Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4×12″ Celestion® open back
  • Can Abyss: Supro® Clone 1×12” OB Eminence® Patriot Cannabis Rex Hemp Cone
  • Eddie: Peavey® 5150 2×12″ Sheffield 1200
  • Feline: Bad Cat® 2×12” OB Celestion® Bad Cat® Proprietary
  • Ferret: Suhr® Badger 2×12” OB Warehouse® Veteran30
  • Forest: Elmwood® 2×12″ Celestion® V30
  • Free Rock: VHT® Deliverance 4×12″ Eminence® P50E
  • Free Rock2: VHT® Deliverance 2×12″ Eminence® P50E
  • Green Tri: Hughes&Kettner® Triamp 4×12″ Celestion® Greenback
  • Jazz 120: Vintage Roland® JC120 2×12″
  • JubilGreen: Marshall® 2550 2×12″ Celestion® Greenback
  • JubilV30: Marshall® 2550 2×12″ Celestion® V30
  • Kerozen: Diezel® 4×12″ Celestion® G12K-100
  • Monarch: Tone King® Galaxy 2×12” OB Tone King® 33′ Custom Designed
  • Prime A: Divided by Thirteen® FTR37 2×12” OB Celestion® Blue & G12H30 70th Anniversary (mic G12H30 side)
  • Prime B: Divided by Thirteen® FTR37 2×12” OB Celestion® Blue & G12H30 70th Anniversary (mic Blue side)
  • R2D2: Musicman® 112 RD 1×12” Electro-Voice® EVM12L
  • RackHero: Custom Audio Amplification® 4×12” CB Alien Transformer® 20W Greenback clones
  • Silver77: Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2×12″ orange JBL®
  • SilverJen: Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2×12″ Jensen® C12K
  • StrongBack: VHT® Fat Bottom 4×12″ Eminence® P50E
  • The One: Brunetti® Neo1512 1×15″ + 1×12″
  • Twill 15: Clark® Tweed Replica 1×15” OB Jensen® 1959
  • Vibro Utah: Vintage 1961 Fender® Vibrolux® 1×12″ original Utah speaker
  • Vibro V30: Vintage 1961 Fender® Vibrolux® 1×12″ Celestion® V30
  • Voice 30: Original Vox® AC30 JMI 2×12″ Celestion® “Silver Bell”
  • Voice 65: 1965 Vox® 2×12″
  • VoiceModrn: Vox® V212H, 2×12″ Celestion® Alnico Blue
  • Watt FanC: Hiwatt® 2×12″ Fane closed back
  • Watt FanO: Hiwatt® 2×12″ Fane open back
  • XTCab: Bogner® 4×12″ Celestion® V30

Bass cabinets

  • 2Notes CSB: Two Notes Custom 1×15″
  • Alu XL: Hartke® XL 4×10″
  • AZ Ben: SWR® Big Ben 1×18″
  • AZ Work: SWR® WorkingMan 4×10″
  • Calif Low: Mesa/Boogie® 2×10″
  • Fridge: Ampeg® 8×10″
  • Heaven Bot: David Eden® 1×15″
  • Heaven Top: David Eden® 4×10″
  • Marco: Markbass® 2×10″
  • New York: Markbass® 4×6″
  • Rea One: AER® Cab One 2×10″
  • Voice V125: Vox® V125 2×12″
  • WGrandBlvd: Ampeg® B15N 1×15” CB Jensen® C15N, Vintage Ceramic

8 studio microphones

  • Ribbon 121, based on Royer® R121
  • Ribbon 160, based on Beyerdynamic® M160N
  • Dynamic 57, based on Shure® SM57
  • Dynamic Bass52, based on Shure® Beta 52
  • Dynamic 421, based on Sennheiser® MD421
  • Dynamic Bass20, based on Electrovoice® RE20
  • Condenser 87, based on Neumann® U87
  • Condenser Knightfall, based on Blue® Dragonfly

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