Suzuki Manji 3-Pack CGA Harmonicas with Case

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Product Overview

Most players love the sound of a traditional wooden comb, but wood is susceptible to moisture. SUZUKI decided to take a bold new approach: create an all-new resin comb material which has the durability and non-absorbency of warm timbre from a wooden comb, but the durability and non-absorbency of plastic. This material contains more than 50% of natural wood fibres.

The Manji’s stainless steel cover plates reflect the best of recent developments by custom harmonica makers. Responding to blues and rock players, the covers are fully opened for full sound projection.

Carefully researched reed lengths and profiles combine dynamic sound, long endurance and easy overblow characteristics. Japanese precision reeds respond faithfully to every subtle nuance of the player’s breath.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review