Suzuki F-20E Fabulous 10-hole Diatonic Harmonica

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Product Overview

The brand new ‘Fabulous’ Diatonic represents the ultimate state of the art in harmonica design, whilst keeping the best aspects of tradition. The appearance and sound of this instrument is simply stunning and use the highest quality materials available.

In a quest for pure beauty and timbre, Suzuki redesigned and tested every part through an exhaustive prototype process. The precision tolerances achieved in the Fabulous Diatonic is unmatched by any other production harmonica – and you can hear it in the way the reeds respond soulfully to even the lightest breath.

The F20E Diatonic Harmonica uses Suzuki’s special fine tolerance Laser Tuning method, often referred to as Equal Temperament or Equal Tuning.f 21st century design matched with respect for the best aspects of tradition, embodied in top quality components with Suzuki's high accuracy processes.

Available in key of A, C, D or G. Please select when purchasing.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review