Schaller Floyd Rose Tremolo with 32mm Block - Black

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Schaller's long-term experience with the production of Double locking tremolos has gone into the development of this identical tremolo. Exchangeable knife edges made of hardened steel and cast steel saddles, combined with a solid 32mm tremolo block provide perfect sound transmission and an extremely long sustain. The tremolo radius is 12", the radius of the nut element is 10" for the R2 Nut.

All tremolo systems are supplied complete with string retainers, springs, height adjustment screws, Allen wrench, mounting accessories and R2 nut as standard. The standard nut is a top mount nut (screwed in from the top of the neck).

See all dimensions in PDF format HERE

You can also view all the individual components of the tremolo system in PDF format HERE


(No reviews yet) Write a Review