Remo Coated Diplomat® Drum Head

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$28.00 - $46.99

Product Overview

The Diplomat® Coated drumheads feature bright, open tones for maximum resonance and sustain.

Constructed with 1-ply of 7.5-mil film, Diplomat® Coated drumheads are best known for accentuating Snare and Tom response in Orchestral applications.

Available is sizes 8" - 18", including The Diplomat® M5 Coated 13" and 14" Thin versions.

The Diplomat® M5 Coated is the most sensitive and responsive Snare batter drumhead in the world. Featuring 1-ply of 5-mil thin film, The Diplomat® M5 Coated provides enhanced warmth and articulation. This is the ultimate drumhead for the most sensitive pianissimo Snare drum passages. A longtime favorite of the top Concert percussionists worldwide, the Diplomat® M5 Coated Thin exceeds the demands of the finest drummers and conductors. Combined with the Diplomat® Snare Side Hazy, your Snare drum will be capable of producing the most delicate passages with incredible clarity and distinction. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review