Radial Engineering JDV™ Mk V Super Direct Box

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Product Overview

The Radial JDV Mk5 is a high performance active direct box and preamp with two inputs that enables the user to seamlessly transition from one instrument to another while being able to optimize the signal chain no matter what the source.

The design begins with 100% discrete electronics and a unique class-A circuit with zero phase-cancelling negative feedback front-end. This is augmented with Drag™ control load correction that lets you optimize the impedance that is being applied to the pickup along with extra rail voltage for an abundance of headroom. The result is virtually zero harmonic, phase and cross-point distortion resulting in the most natural rendering without coloration or artifact of any type.

Central to the design is the JDV's ability to handle any type of instrument. Input-1 is equally well suited for magnetic pickups or active instruments and is equipped with a balanced mic input with 48V phantom to accept instrument-mounted condenser mics. Input-2 adds another dimension with a selectable 10 meg-ohm input to properly load piezo transducers. Both inputs may be active at one time and mixed together using the front panel controls. These can then be phase-aligned using the built-in Radial Phazer for what can only be deemed the most natural sounding reproduction of an acoustic instrument ever.

Extra features include fully variable high-pass filters on each channel to eliminate excessive low frequency resonance, easy-read LED level meters, Jensen Transformer isolated outputs to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops and a +4dB line level output for direct recording. Switching between channels may be done using a front panel switch or via the optional JR-2 remote control.

The Radial JDV Mk5... the only DI you will never hear!

  • 100% discrete class-A active direct box
  • Feed forward design – no negative feedback
  • Drag™ control load correction for natural tone
  • Huge 30-Volt rails for exceptional headroom

JDV™ Mk V Super Direct Box Applications

Two bass guitars
Connect two instruments and switch between them using the optional JR-2 A-B footswitch. Adjust the levels to match. Then mute for quiet on-stage tuning using the JR-2 mute footswitch

Acoustic guitar with a mic and pickup
Combine the sound of an under-the-bridge piezo with an instrument mounted microphone. Phase adjust the two sources using the built-in Radial Phazer for the most natural sound ever!

Electric and upright bass
Seamlessly switch between your electric bass and acoustic upright. Use either the piezo optimized inputs or the 48V phantom powered mic input to amplify your acoustic bass.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review