Michael Kelly Burl 60 Ultra/Laney/Mooer Guitar, Amp and Effects Package

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Package including Michael Kelly MK60 guitar with bag to suit, Laney LG35R amplifier, Mooer GE100 multi-effects processor, power supply to suit Mooer, 2 x guitar leads and guitar picks.

The Birdseye Burl Maple top on the Michael Kelly Burl 60 Ultra will catch your eye, but wait until you play it! Fun, versatile, smooth, and bold are some of the words that players have used to describe their take on the Ultra. The all-Korina body is lightweight but has a thick tone, akin to a fine piece of mahogany. The burl top/Korina body combination delivers articulate highs and lots of guts in the lows and mids. Michael Kelly modded the electronics to give you a little something extra. They equipped the Burl 60 Ultra with a Rockfield combination that remains their most-requested for traditionally configured 60s series models.

The Laney LG35R delivers 35 watts and features a pre-amp with clean and crunch sounds, shared 3 band EQ, REVERB and an AUX input - Perfect for practice! The LG35R takes its tonal cues from its bigger tube brothers. From clean chimes to full on rock and everything in between. The L35R's Aux input socket makes jamming and learning new songs a blast and the on-board reverb provides a nice natural splash of colour to your overall sound. Perfect for the bedroom, rehearsal, and also great for recording.

Mooer's GE100 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor is a brand new release in Mooer’s Multi-Effects Processor product line. By using a completely new digital planform, GE100 will provide you with the most authentic, modern and rich tones. Operate as a stompbox simulation or amp simulation, or other effects which carry Mooer’s legacy, this Guitar Multi-Effects Processor will present all.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review