Marshall JCM2555SL Slash Signature Guitar Head - Excellent Condition

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Product Overview

Stored for several years in a flight case (not included) this 1996 Slash Signature head has very, very minor signs of its 24 years of age.

Amp has been tested and sounds just like it should, which is incredible, and then reason these amps are so tightly held by their owners.

Limited to only 3000 units worldwide, this head is an authentic reissue of the legendary 2555 Jubilee head used by Slash.


  • 100W Valve Head
  • 3 x 12AX7 Preamp Valves
  • 4 x EL34 Power Amp Valves
  • 1 Jack Input
  • EQ (Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble)
  • Output Master
  • Lead Master
  • Input Gain Control
  • 100W/50W Switch Function
  • Fx Loop
  • DI Output
  • Speaker Output: 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 16 ohm
  • Voltage Selection: 110v, 220v, 230v


(No reviews yet) Write a Review