Laney R-410 Richter Series 4 x 10" 400 Watt Cabinet

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Product Overview

Super-efficient bass cabinet
This compact, high efficiency bass enclosure is designed to be the ideal extension cabinet for the Laney R500H. Designed for the bass player who wants more mid-range punch on stage the R410's compact design makes it ideal for small stages and easy transport. Whatever your gig the R410 will deliver the performance you are looking for.

  • 98 dB/[email protected]
  • 8 Ohm impedance
  • 2 x Twist connectors
  • Dual rear Porting
  • 4 x10" custom driver + Switchable HF Horn
  • 50Hz - 4KHz, 50Hz - 20KHz with horn
  • Item dimensions: 5709mm x 579mm x 403mm (HWD)
  • Carton dimensions: 700mm x 680mm x 505mm (HWD)
  • Item weight: 26.90kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review