Hand Held Percussion

CPK One Dozen Egg Maracas

One dozen egg maracas in assorted colours. Clear treble sound. In clear plastic egg carton style packaging.

Jim Dunlop Gel Egg Maraca

Egg size and shape maracas. The absolute best on the market. Great full sound created by real chrome ball bearings inside. “Gel” translucent eye...

Jim Dunlop Glow In The Da

White glow colour. You'll never lose your eggs in the dark again! Egg size and shape maracas. The absolute best on the market. Great full sound...

Jim Dunlop Satin Black Eg

Egg size with a sound all their own; more cutting and treble focussed. Use alone or in combination with Dunlop’s Gel or Glow maracas for a fuller...

Mano Percussion Double Ha

9" x 6" double half moon tambourine. Headless. ABS rim. 20 pairs of nickel silver jingles in double row. Black. Available in black, blue, red, white...

Mano Percussion Egg Marac

Each individual coloured pair of Mano Percussion egg maracas signifies differing weights for different tones from the respective maracas. Buy a pair...

Mano Percussion Half Moon

9" x 5" half moon tambourine. ABS plastic rim. 16 pairs of nickel silver jingles in double row. Available in black, blue or red.

Mano Percussion Wooden Ma

Oval shaped wooden maracas. Hand painted and carved. Red with yellow floral design. 9½” long. Pair.

Rhythm Tech Brass Half Mo

The Original Brass Rhythm Tech half moon tambourine. Much like the original RT101 nickel half moon tambourine but with a darker, warmer tone thanks...

Rhythm Tech Gemini Pro Ma

Professional maracas. Bright sound that’s easy to control. Bright red plastic head with black cushioned grip. Great for live performances! Sold as...

Rhythm Tech Nickel Half M

The Original Nickel Rhythm Tech half moon tambourine. The most popular tambourine of its kind in the world. Used by performers everywhere for its...

Rhythm Tech Solo Half Moo

A lighter version of the legendary Rhythm Tech RT101 tambourine. Slimmer profile ABS frame with 8 pairs of nickel plated bell steel jingles mounted...