Drum Kits

Carlsboro 30 Watt Electri

1 x 8" custom co-axial speaker. Single channel. Left/Mono and Right channel jack inputs. Master input level, bass, middle and treble controls. 3.5mm...

Carlsbro 5 Piece Electron

‘Commander 130' sound module featuring multi function Digitron LCD display & USB interface with midi in/out. Ultra compact and portable, heavy duty...

D-tronic Q2Plus Electroni

The D-tronic drum-kits include everything you need – a drum stool, set of headphones, drumsticks and a stick bag – no need for another run to the...

D-Tronic Q7 5 Piece Elect

D-Tronic Q7 drum module with multi function LED display and USB midi. Pre-assembled heavy duty rack. 1 x 8" snare pad with rim zone trigger. 3 x 8"...

DXP 20" Ride Cymbal & Boo

A great add-on sales for a DXP drum kit packages. Comprises 1 x DBC60 DXP 20" ride steel alloy cymbal and 1 x DXPCB2 DXP 200 series double braced...

Premier Olympic Stage 22

The Olympic Series Wrap range is extremely popular across the world and designed to give a lifetime’s satisfaction. It responds to the fastest and...