Acoustic Pickups & Preamps

D-Tar Equinox Three-Band

Equinox is an audiophile quality 3 band parametric equalizer preamp with low noise components and circuit design making it ideal for studio and live...

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D-Tar Mama Bear Digital A

For years, acoustic guitars have relied on pickups for amplification. One problem: Even the best acoustic guitars deliver an oversimplification of...

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D-Tar Solstice Two-Channe

Solstice is a high quality two channel preamp mixer that blends virtually any type of sound source. The low-noise hybrid circuitry and internally...

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D-TAR Timber-Line Piezo C

Timber-line is a piezo cable pickup coupled to an 18 volt, low-noise, high input impedance preamp with twice the dynamic range of 9-volt preamps. The...

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D-Tar Volume & Tone Modul

The Wave-Length volume and tone module's controls are located in the soundhole for easy access. With all the controls at one’s fingertips, and the...

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D-Tar Wave Length Pickup

The Wave-Length combines a thin, piezo under-saddle transducer with an 18v, low-noise, high input impedance preamp, to create a system with twice the...

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D-Tar Wave-Length Multi-S

Never content to rest on their laurels, D-TAR continue to introduce innovative amplification products for serious acoustic musicians. The new...

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DeArmond Tone Boss Acoust

The DeArmond Tone Boss acoustic soundhole pickup provides a simple, high fidelity magnetic pickup solution for any steel string guitar. The passive...

DiMarzio DP130 Acoustic M

The Acoustic Model™ is a piezo-electric transducer that can be mounted in any location on the guitar’s top. A non-hardening putty is used to...

DiMarzio DP134 Elemental

What comes to mind when you hear the Elemental™ are words such as “warm” and “friendly”. It’s sensitive to differences in picking attack,...

DiMarzio DP136 Super Natu

The Super Natural Plus™ is just what its name implies — it goes beyond ordinary-sounding acoustic pickups. The Super Natural Plus™ is voiced...

DiMarzio DP138 Virtual Ac

The Virtual Acoustic™ uses the same technology as the Virtual Vintage® line to create a pickup that’s practically noise-free — even compared...