7 String Pickups

DiMarzio DP759 PAF® 7

As the popularity of 7-string guitars has grown, so has the demand for a clean-sounding, lower-output pickup that performs like the classic...

DiMarzio DP793 Air Norton

The 6-string version of the Air Norton™ has proven to be an effective, versatile pickup in both neck and bridge positions, and the Air Norton 7™...

SaleFishman Fluence 7-String

Stephen is a player’s player, preferring to concentrate more on his music than equipment. “My signature pickup set has the full range of tones...

Seymour Duncan Sentient 7

Covered with black metal cover with one exposed adjustable pole row, this Sentient 7-string is built for the replacement of passive mount pickups....

Seymour Duncan Sentient 7

Exposed coil Sentient 7-string built for the replacement of passive mount pickups. Built exclusively for 7 & 8 string players, the Sentient neck...