Australasian 1 foot Patch

1 foot OFC patch cables. 6mm O/D straight cable. 2 x low profile chrome right angle jack plugs. Black. Mini sleeve packaging.

Australasian 10' USB A Ma

Australasian USB (A-type) male to USB (A-type) male. 10 foot.

Australasian 3' MIDI Exte

3 foot 5mm O/D MIDI extension cable. Male to female plugs. Black.

Australasian 3' USB A Mal

Australasian USB (A-type) male to USB (A-type) male. 3 foot.

Australasian AC Amp Power

IEC-C13 power lead. 10 amp AC power lead/kettle cord. As used on most amplifiers. 2 metres. Black.