TC Electronic

TC Electronic AEON Handhe

AEON is an infinite sustain device that produces powerful, prolonged notes, and swells of spaced-out sounds. Instead of being mounted at your feet...

TC Electronic Afterglow C

Afterglow Chorus is designed with the vintage aficionado in mind. Its all-analog circuit uses a Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) to create a wide range of...

TC Electronic Bass Preamp

High-Quality Bass Preamp and Drive Pedal with Built-In TubeDrive and SpectraComp TonePrints SPECTRADRIVE Bass Preamp and Line Driver is a powerful...

TC Electronic Blood Moon

If classic 1970s phaser tones make your heart beat faster, brace yourself for a sheer heart attack! Blood Moon Phaser resurrects the toothsome phaser...

TC Electronic Cinders Ove

Cinders Overdrive is the perfect tool for blues shredders and retro rockers. Its all-analog circuit convincingly recreates the warm harmonic...

TC Electronic CORONA Chor

Corona Chorus is your go-to pedal for all your shimmering and warbly goodness. With two different chorus settings (the classic world-renowned TC...

TC Electronic Corona Mini

So much chorussy goodness in such a tiny pedal? People have been chased out of town for less, but we're telling you, TC Electronic did it! If THAT...


Dark Matter Distortion aims to give you that powerful, super-musical roar of an early plexi - a sound that will satisfy even the pickiest players out...

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TC Electronic Ditto Loope

Ditto Looper is the only looper designed specifically for guitarists. It combines all essential looper functionalities with an intuitive one-button...

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TC Electronic Ditto X2 Lo

Loops and Bounds Ahead> The original Ditto Looper rocked guitarists with a lust for looping like nothing else. Finally something that was simple,...

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TC Electronic Ditto X4 Du

TC Electronic's Ditto X4 Looper Pedal can run two loops simultaneously for intricate arrangements and composition possibilities. Each loop can hold...

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TC Electronic EchoBrain A

EchoBrain is the natural choice for every vintage delay nut out there. Sporting a classic, all-analog bucket brigade design, this compact delay pedal...