Peterson Tuners

Peterson Body Beat Pulse

Metronomes haven't changed much over the years. Since the early 9th century, they've helped to improve a player's musical performance by producing an...

Peterson Body Beat Sync M

The World’s Most Versatile Metronome The Body Beat Sync® represents the ultimate in musical tempo reference devices. As a fully featured...

Peterson Pitch Grabber Mo

The PitchGrabber Mobile tuning pickup easily and safely clamps on to virtually any musical instrument and captures the pitch using its piezo pickup...

Peterson StroboClip HD Tu

The Peterson StroboClip HD™ (SC-HD) has the same tenth-of-a-cent accuracy as all Peterson Strobe Tuners. This versatile tuner comes complete with a...

Peterson StroboPlus HD Tu

Charge up this large-screen chromatic StroboPlus HD tuner (with over 90 Sweetened™ tunings) and use the built-in microphone or ¼” input to plug...

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Peterson StroboStomp HD T

Featuring the largest tuning display Peterson Tuners has ever incorporated into one of their pedal tuners, the StroboStomp HD boasts a...

Peterson TP-3 Clip-On Tun

The Peterson TP-3 Clip-On Tuning Pickup includes a more sensitive piezo pickup than any previous model to improve the signal transmission of your...