Logjam Logarhythm 4 Stomp

The new Logarhythm 4 has been designed to give maximum output in a neat and compact unit.. Logjam have retained the low radius (curve) of the Mk3...

Logjam Microlog® 2 Stomp

Microlog 2 is designed to fit neatly into a pedal-board and can be used alternatively as a stand-alone unit. Pocket-sized it may be, but it doesn't...

Logjam Prolog® Stomp Box

The Logjam Prolog® has become the standard to beat, so to speak. It's incredibly low stomping angle, high output and integral board have made it the...

Logjam Rattlebox® Snare

Rattlebox® is the most recent edition to the Logjam family. It is a very versatile instrument. It can be used as a snare drum with appropriate eq or...

Logjam Travelog® 2 Stomp

Travelog®2 ~ Tiny And Stompingly Good Made to the same high standard as the Logarhythm 4, The Travelog 2 has a greatly improved output compared with...