G-Lab 1U RMS Front Panel

This 1 RU panel allows for easy fixing of G LAB modules in the 19” rack. It enables the installation of up to four modules in the one panel unit....

G-Lab 6 x Loop Extension

The 6 x LOOP EXTENSION (6LE) module is the effects loop switcher (looper) for the GSC controllers (e.g. GSC-5) equipped with EXTENSION OUTPUTS (EXT...

G-Lab 8-piece 9V Cable Se

9 volt cable set for use with G-Lab power supplies containing 2 x 40cm, 4 x 80cm and 2 x 120cm length cables.

G-Lab Amp Loop Adapter AL

Most amps feature an effect loop (FX LOOP) which enables connection of various guitar effects. The signal level varies in different amp models (from...

G-Lab AUX Bank Up/Down wi

G-Lab's AUX Bank Up/Down with MIDI In Footswitch is an expansion module for the GSC-3 and GSC-2 controllers with two footswitches to switch the banks...

G-Lab BC-1 Boosting Compr

Boosting Compressor BC-1 is a classic full analog compressor with opto component which ensures the highest sound quality. Thanks to its ultra low...

G-Lab BWW-1 Bass Wowee-Wa

BWW-1 with four tone parameters switches enables you to match the tone to your needs. RANGE switch allows you to change the range of resonance...

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G-Lab DR-3 Dual Reverb

Dual Reverb DR-3 is an analog-digital stompbox which adds some deepness and space to your guitar tone. DR-3 makes you feel like playing in the real...

SaleG-Lab GSC-2 Guitar System

The GSC-2 controller has the same features of the GSC-3 but with silent, backlit footswitches rather than the metal footswitches and backlit...

G-Lab GSC-3 Guitar System

The GSC-3 controller has the same features of the GSC-2 but with metal footswitches and backlit descriptions rather than the silent, backlit...

G-Lab GSC-5 Guitar System

The Guitar System Controller GSC-5 is a programmable foot controller dedicated for controlling the guitarists gear. The GSC-5 features six LCD...

G-Lab LMS-1 Line Midi Swi

G-Lab's LMS-1 Line Midi Switcher is a bidirectional, passive audio signal switcher with one input/output and four outputs/inputs. The LMS-1 can be...