Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan 805 Overdr

The 805 is a very transparent, classic Overdrive pedal designed using the chip found in the legendary 808 as a starting point but eventually ending...

Seymour Duncan PowerStage

The PowerStage™ 170 is a game-changing product for guitar players that have dreamed of the day their entire rig can live on their pedal board....

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Seymour Duncan PowerStage

PowerStage 700 is a revolutionary power amp designed specifically for guitarists using modelers, pedals and effects processors to create their tone....

Seymour Duncan Sentient 7

Covered with black metal cover with one exposed adjustable pole row, this Sentient 7-string is built for the replacement of passive mount pickups....

Seymour Duncan Sentient 7

Exposed coil Sentient 7-string built for the replacement of passive mount pickups. Built exclusively for 7 & 8 string players, the Sentient neck...