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Ebtech 2-Channel Hum Elim

A quick and easy way to eliminate AC hum and noise. The Ebtech 2-Channel Hum Eliminator is a quick-and-easy way to eliminate AC hum and noise. Insert...

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Ebtech 2-Channel Line Lev

The Line Level Shifter from Ebtech uses the physics of inductance and impedance matching to increase or decrease signal voltages without adding noise...

Ebtech® 8-Channel Rack M

This 8-Channel Hum Eliminator from Ebtech breaks ground-loops safely while leaving all signal grounds intact. Automatically translates signal...

Ebtech® 8-Channel Rack M

Ebtech's LLS-8 Line Level Shifter is used around the world by recording studios, audio/video production houses, live sound reinforcement companies,...

Ebtech® 8-Channel XLR Ra

Almost all AC hum (50Hz in the Australia), is caused by ground loops. These ground loops act like radio antennae picking up hum and noise. The Hum...

Ebtech® 8-Channel XLR Ra

Solve your -10dBV to +4dBu problems! What do you do when you need to connect a low volume -10dBV output (like cassette deck, CD player or...

Ebtech® HE-2-XLR Hum Eli

No buzz, no hum, no signal loss, no filtering, no noise gates.

Ebtech® LLS-2-XLR Line L

The Line Level Shifter is designed to increase or decrease signal voltage (-10dBV and +4dBu) without adding noise. It also converts back and forth...

Electro-Harmonix V256 Voc

Robotize, Harmonize… Rule the vocoder world! The V 256 welds your voice to your axe inspiring the twist of creativity that can make all of the...

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Electro-Harmonix Voice Bo

The Voice Box packs a multi-functional vocal synth processor into a tough and compact chassis. Sing, and you’ll have a troupe of backup singers...

Kemper Profiler 600 Watt

The Kemper Profiler PowerHead packs the same awesome amp modeling and emulation of the original Kemper Profiling Amplifier plus a powerful 600W power...

Kemper Profiler Amp - Bla

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier is an entirely new and groundbreaking concept for guitar amplification using digital technology. Kemper believe that...