Preamps and EQs

Carl Martin BassDrive

Even though the BassDrive has been listed in the catalogue for years, Carl postponed the release of this pedal until they were able to tweak the EQ...

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Shadow RB Pro Double Bass

Preamp and pickup system for rockabilly and psycho-billy bass players. Comprises: a sensitive bridge pickup plus SJ2500 transducer to install under...

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Tech 21 Geddy Lee DI-2112

Geddy Lee has been performing without onstage amps and speakers since the Test for Echo Tour in 1996, favoring major household appliances instead....

Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass R

The VT Bass rackmount is an expanded version of Tech 21's popular VT Bass pedal. In addition to Drive, Character and active EQ controls, this single...

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Two Notes Le Bass 2 Chann

With Le Bass, the ultra clean Channel A is perfect for today’s modern techniques with lightning fast response and a full spectrum of tone. Channel...