Tuners & Miscellaneous

SaleToms Line AC Stage Acoust

Simulates 3 kinds of acoustic guitar tone Based on Boss AC-2 Volume, body and top control 3 mode options: piezo, standard and jumbo True bypass...

SaleToms Line Mod Station Mul

11 classic modulation effects Level, speed and depth control True bypass Smart stop bar design When stamping on the pedal during play, the central...

SaleToms Line Pedal Tuner

Aluminium alloy case High quality metal components Power input: 9V by power adapter type - tip negative (-) Power consumption: less than 20mA Slip...

VHT Redline Micro 6 Pedal

The Micro 6 is a full-featured amp that can drive speakers or headphones. It's powered by a standard 9-volt pedal power supply. VHT has done it...