Talk Box

Electro-Harmonix Iron Lun

Built around the finest aspects of EHX's praised V256 vocoder, the Iron Lung is the baby brother housed in their smallest, die-cast chassis . The...

Electro-Harmonix Stereo T

The programmable Stereo Talking Machine, Vocal Formant Filter, presents creative vowel shaping that is controlled by the player’s dynamics. Nine...

Electro-Harmonix Talking

The Talking Pedal brings vocal expression to the guitar player and uses the proprietary design shared by all of EHX’s Next Step Effects. It...

Electro-Harmonix Voice Bo

The Voice Box packs a multi-functional vocal synth processor into a tough and compact chassis. Sing, and you’ll have a troupe of backup singers...

Jim Dunlop HT-1 Heil Talk

The original Heil Talk Box is back in style. You too can recreate the sounds popularized by: Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Slash, Alice In Chains,...

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Mooer Red Kid Talking Wah

Red Kid is a vocal simulation pedal which lies somewhere between a wah wah and a talk box. It clearly replicates 2 different vocal sounds like you...

MXR M222 Talk Box
MXR M222 Talk Box

The Talk Box is a classic effect—you can hear it on some of the greatest songs ever recorded, across genres and time, from funk and ’70s rock to...

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TC Helicon Talk Box Synth

TALKBOX SYNTH offers classic and new sounds to the guitarist's arsenal. From instantly recognizable talkbox "hose-in-the-mouth" sounds to wonderfully...