Delay & Echo

Outlaw Quick Draw Delay

Crisp tone with warm repeats that dissolve naturally into your sound. Delay time range from 20ms to 620ms can deliver everything from tight...

T-Rex Replay Box Stereo D

“CLEAR SKIES AHEAD” T-Rex have had many requests for a more straight sounding delay pedal that is clearer and more true to the incoming guitar...

T-Rex Replica Delay Pedal

The T-Rex Replica delay has won so much praise and received so many great reviews, it’s hard to know where to start describing what’s made this...

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T-Rex Replicator Junior T

For those players that are intrigued by the tape echo concept of the Replicator, but do not feel the need for all the bells and whistles, the...

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T-Rex Replicator Tape Ech

There once was a time when a ”bucket brigade” was a handful of firemen and digital processing was only used by computers the size of a house....

T-Rex Tape Cartridge for

Changes from the originall Replicator cassette tape: Spring tensioned felt pads for easier adjustment and improved tape friction Added wheel for...

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TC Electronic EchoBrain A

EchoBrain is the natural choice for every vintage delay nut out there. Sporting a classic, all-analog bucket brigade design, this compact delay pedal...

TC Electronic Flashback 2

The Flashback 2 serves up a sonic buffet of expressive delay by infusing the pressure sensitive MASH technology with TC Electronic's renowned delay...

TC Electronic Flashback M

TC Electronic have taken all that you know and love about their delay sounds and poured it into a footprint too good to be true. There's more magic...

TC Electronic The Prophet

A prophecy was once told of a highly affordable studio-quality delay pedal that would give musicians all the pristine digital delay tones they could...

VHT Echo-Verb Pedal

The easy-to-use VHT Echo-Verb is the world’s only delay and reverb pedal with two completely independent sections. The delay section is completely...

Way Huge WHE701 Aqua Puss

The Aqua-Puss MkII is making its triumphant return, ready to bathe a tone-thirsty world in gorgeously smooth delay. One twist of the Delay knob takes...