Amp Heads

Carson Pro 5 Foot Jumbo S

8mm O/D. High load. 13 gauge, 2 conductor. 2 colour in heavy duty clear PVC jacket. Straight heavy duty diecast 6.3mm jack plugs with gold shafts.

Carson Pro 5 Foot Speaker

7.5mm O/D. High quality 14 gauge, 2 conductor. Straight heavy duty diecast 6.3mm jack plugs with gold shafts. Black.

Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnu

The 44 Magnum guitar amp head provides 44 watts of clean and natural power but can also deliver a true amplifier overdrive at the turn of a knob....

ISP Technologies Stealth

The ISP Technologies STEALTH™ PRO POWER AMPLIFIER with optional ears for rack mounting is the first True Professional, high power floor mount...

ISP Technologies Stealth

The STEALTH ULTRA-LITE™ offers efficiency close to that of a Class D amplifier but has the great tone and overdrive clipping characteristics of a...

Jet City Amelia 50 Watt V

Amelia is a two-channel, 50 watt guitar amplifier head. Each channel has its own EQ, and the two master volume controls are individually controlled...

Jet City Custom 22 Head

Two Channels. British Crunch and Modern High Gain. 20 Watts from 2 x EL84.​ Built on Jet City's 20 watt platform, with updated voicing by Martin...

Jet City JCA100HDM 100 Wa

Jet City Amplification's new flagship is based on their popular JCA100H – two channels of Soldano tone and 100 watts of pure tube power. The Crunch...

Jet City JCA20H 20 Watt H

Pure, simple, and full of tube tone, JCA20H delivers from a single-channel amp with absolutely no gimmick features to dilute the all-tube signal...

Jet City JCA20HV 20 Watt

Based upon their highly popular JCA20H, the 20HV version is also a simple, single-channel amp, and the all-tube signal path has been completely...

Jet City JCA22H 22 Watt H

You asked for it, and here it is! Jet City took the legendary JCA20H and added a second, footswitch-accessible overdrive channel, along with a...

Jet City JCA50H 50 Watt H

50 watts from a pair of 6L6 power tubes and all the features of Jet City's JCA100H makes their JCA50H ideal for gigging musicians who need plenty of...