Harmonica Accessories

Hohner Blues Blaster Harm

Hand-held harmonica microphone with volume control. Comes complete, including 20' cable with XLR female connector and 1/4" male plug. Crystal...

Hohner Chromatic Harmonic

Simple construction - Easy harmonica clambing system The original Hohner harmonica holder offers perfect solutions when playing harmonica together...

Hohner Diatonic Harmonica

Using a harmonica holder leaves your hands free to play a guitar or other musical instrument at the same time as a harmonica. This Hohner harmonica...

Hohner FlexRack Hands-Fre

For decades the harmonica rack has allowed musicians hands-free access to the harmonica, making it a perfect partner for guitarists who desired to...

Hohner Harmonica Belt - H

The Hohner Harmonica Belt is constructed of sturdy vinyl construction and holds 6 harps in stretch pockets. Cushioned back, side quick-release...

Jim Dunlop Harp Handle

Lightweight harmonica holder featuring a stainless steel holding clip and comfortably contoured harness. The holding clip fits all 10 to 14 hole...

Shure 520DX "Green Bullet

With its signature green and chrome die-cast casing, the 520DX "Green Bullet" holds a spot in history as the definitive blues harp voice. The 520DX...

Suzuki 8-Pack Soft Case f

Safely store and transport your chief blues harp keys with the thoughtfully designed Suzuki 8-pack harmonica case.

Suzuki HMH100 Harmonica M

The Suzuki HMH-100 is a great choice for the performing harmonica player. It is a small condenser microphone, light and easy to hold while playing...