Hohner Accorda 48 Chord H

The most versatile chord accompaniment harmonica ever made. Two units hinged together play 48 chords; 12 blow chords and 12 draw chords in each row...

Hohner Bass 265 Chromatic

Standard size bass harmonica. Provides bass accompaniment over two chromatic octaves on two units hinged together. Contra E to e. Lower unit plays...

Hohner Bass 268 Chromatic

The same as the 265 Bass but with and extended range; contra E to C. 39 holes, blow only. Range EE - c' (3 octaves and a minor sixth), 2 x Pearwood...

Hohner Chromatica Orchest

The Chromatica contains 35 chromatic notes arranged directly next to each other. Blow and draw are the same note. Heavily plated covers. One side...