Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal

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Product Overview

Ernie Ball volume pedals are considered by guitarists around the world to be the best you can buy. With the ‘Most Valuable Pedal’ (MVP) Ernie Ball has proved that it IS possible to improve on perfection.

The MVP includes features such as:
  • Works with both active and passive electronics – no more deciding which pedal model you’ll need
  • Minimum volume control setting, which allows for the heel position to be set from zero up to 50% for any rhythm level
  • Gain control allows for the toe position to be set at 100% up to a 20+ dB gain boost for powerful lead levels – really push your amp’s input!
  • Tuner output can be used at any volume, with any tuner, without any effect on audio signal
  • No high frequency loss at any volume
  • Can be placed anywhere in the signal chain
  • Improved sweep for ideal volume control
  • 9v battery or AC adapter powered


(No reviews yet) Write a Review