Eminence XTC210-BT 2 x 10" Unloaded Speaker Cabinet

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Product Overview

Consider it a blank canvas for your Eminence guitar speaker. Eminence convertible cabinets offer superior construction and a convertible back, enabling use as an open or closed-back cab. The back middle panel is attached using T-nuts, so taking the panel off and putting it back on does not eat up wood over time.

Features Include:

  • ¾”, 13 ply, Void Free plywood
  • Black Tolex covering
  • Black Grill Cloth/Black Piping
  • Black Metal Corners
  • Removable Grill
  • Large Dog Bone Black Leather Handle
  • Convertible Design Cabinet: Open or Closed Back
  • Front Mounting Speakers
  • Mounting Hole Centers: 9.6″
  • Speaker Cut Out: 9.2″
  • T-nuts
  • Three Jacks Left/Right/Mono 
  • 16 Gauge Wire/0.205 Fastons


(No reviews yet) Write a Review