Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron Plus

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Product Overview

The Effects Loop gives the musician the ability to place an additional effect, or chain of effects between the Q-Tron Plus's preamp and filter section without changing the envelope drive. This is particularly important with most distortion devices, as most all do not have much of an amplitude envelope. The FX loop will also fire up your creative juices to try all sorts of combinations in the effects loop: try the Micro POG into a Deluxe Memory Man. You can invent all sorts of novel effects.

The added Response Switch selects between a slow, smooth, vowel-like attack and the fast, snaked response of the original Q-Tron.


True bypass

Dedicated effects loop allows you to place any effect or pedal board into the loop

FX send and return without changing the envelope drive

Selectable low pass, band pass and high pass filters

Resonant peak control to adjust the filter's Q from subtle to dramatic

Response switch changes the reaction time of envelope follower from fast to slow

Switchable hi or lo frequency sweep ranges

Adjustable gain knob and boost switch

Sweep direction switch for up or down filter sweeps

Tough and compact die-cast chassis

24DC-100 power supply included

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review