Cort G290FAT Electric - Bright Blue Burst

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Boutique type design and styling along with expanded tonal options for session-style guitar at a reasonable price are the hallmarks of the new G290 FAT. Higher grade materials and hardware components along with improved build processes provide a more luxurious feel and look. A 5-way switch for the two humbuckers expands the tonal options from thick and meaty humbucker sounds to glassy and sparkling single-coil sounds for the utmost in sonic versatility.

Flamed Maple Top on Swamp Ash Body

An essential electric guitar tonewood, Swamp Ash is lightweight but delivers a serious punch with accented high-mids.

Voiced Tone VTH-77 Pickup Set

Besides providing modern high output for today's high-energy music, these new VTH-77 pickups also clean up nicely to get great classic rock and bluesy tones to cover a wide variety of musical genres and playing styles.

Cort® CFA-III Tremolo

This uncompromising tremolo system features stainless steel saddles, solid machined steel block, and steel baseplate to provide greatly improved sustain, faster and punchier pick attack and a more coherent and balanced fundamental tone.

Cort® Staggered Locking Machine Heads

The deluxe locking machine heads offer precise and reliable tuning as well as easier and quicker string changes.

1 Volume & 1 Tone 5 Way Switch

The 5-way switch is custom-wired to provide glassy and sparkling single-coil sounds in the 2nd and 4th positions as well as the full-bodied and powerful humbucker sounds in the bridge, middle and neck positions.

Birdseye Maple Neck & Fingerboard

Hand-selected Birdseye Maple neck and fingerboard provide a luxurious look as well as a strong high-midrange that helps you cut through the mix.

Compound Radius Fingerboard (12-15.75”)

A deluxe feature for players who like to transition from easy chording on the low register to high-speed soloing and enhanced string-bending on the upper register, the compound radius facilitates easier playability so you can focus on your playing.

Ergo-V Neck Profile

The newly designed Ergo-V neck profile and shape provides more comfort at any position across the entire neck for enhanced playability.

Spoke Nut Hotrod Trussrod

The spoke nut hotrod truss rod ensures smooth and precise setting of the neck bow. Often overlooked by many guitarists, the neck bow (or relief) is very critical for the best possible playability. This new truss rod adjustment feature allows the player to dial in the exact amount of neck bow depending the player’s technique and playing style. Whether you are a legato fusion player with a light touch or a Texas blues master who digs hard into the strings in the lower register, this new truss rod will allow you to dial in the exact amount of bow to suit your style.

BODY: Swamp Ash or Sassafras*
TOP: Flamed Maple
NECK: Birdseye Maple
FRETBOARD: Birdseye Maple
SCALE: 648㎜ (25.5")
TUNERS: Cort® Staggered Locking Machine Heads
BRIDGE: Cort® CFA-III Tremolo
PICKUPS: Voiced Tone VTH-77 Set
ELECTRONICS: 1 Volume & 1 Tone, 5 Way Switch
STRINGS: D'Addario® EXL120

*As our world’s environment goes through an unprecedented period of rapid change, it was inevitable that our industry would also be affected and that we need to adapt to do what is the best for the environment at large as well as finding solutions to provide the best musical instruments possible. One impact felt by our industry is the extreme scarcity of a beloved and venerable tone wood: Swamp Ash. It is now a matter of when, not if, this wood will no longer be available for use on the production of electric guitars.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that are both environmentally friendly as well as being viable tone woods with attractive visual and tonal characteristics. Of the alternatives available, Sassafras has become a favorite amongst guitar manufacturers and for a good reason. Aesthetically, it looks very similar to Swamp Ash with familiar grain patterns. Tonally, it isn’t exactly like Swamp Ash but has its own very positive attributes that make it an ideal substitute as an electric guitar body wood.

With this industry shift in mind, Cort are now using Sassafras on four of their popular models: the G290 FAT, X700 Duality, KX508MS and the GB64JJ. So, the million-dollar question is: how does Sassafras sound compared to Swamp Ash? We can confidently say that it sounds great but slightly different. Overall, Sassafras sounds bigger with more low-midrange girth while maintaining the general tightness and punch that Swamp Ash is renowned for. Swamp Ash favors the high-midrange and is still a little tighter in the lows. Sonically, Sassafras can be described as being somewhere in between Alder and Swamp Ash but still leaning towards the character of the latter.

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