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Providence ADC-3 Anadime Chorus

$389.00  $190.95

BBD chip
  • Rich, warm analog chorus sound is achieved through the use of a BBD chip. Although this is a mono effect, the sound is spacious with remarkable subjective width and depth.
Multi-function LED
  • 1. Effect ON/OFF
  • 2. Battery check (Darkens as the chorus circuit nears its operating limits to indicate a deterioration in sound quality.)
  • 3. Modulation Pitch display (When the effect is ON, the LED blinks in sync with the LFO speed to provide visual confirmation.)
S.C.T Circuit
  • In standard "true bypass" circuits the instrument signal passes through two switch contacts when bypassed. In the Anadime Chorus the signal only passes through one switch contact when bypassed (Single Contact True Bypass), for unprecedented signal quality as well as reliability.
Mode Switch
  • The MODE switch can be used to switch the unit's delay response to deliver solid tone even when playing fast chord accompaniment, or a deep, spacious chorus effect for arpeggios, slower chord work, or guitar solos.

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  • Manufactured by: Providence

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