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"I’ve been playing it almost non-stop, and when I’m not playing or sleeping, I’m looking at it."
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DiMarzio DP174 Red Velvet™


The difference between a vintage Strat® bridge pickup sound and a classic Broadcaster® or Tele® tone is mostly a matter of attack and definition — the Strat® stings and screams, while the Tele® punches and sings. DiMarzio thought it would be neat to have a Strat® pickup that does both, and this is it. The punch comes from the bottom-loaded Power Plate™, the sting from custom coil-winding and the True Velvet™ magnet stagger, and a unique mid-range “growl” that’s a result of a hand-calibrated magnet structure. Try a Red Velvet™ bridge pickup with a pair of True Velvet™ pickups for a sound that’s both classic and new.

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Tech Talk
One of the obvious effects of mounting a plate on the bottom of a pickup is to boost the magnetic field. Dimarzio wanted the bigger sound that the plate provides, but they didn't want any increased magnet-pull, so they calibrate the magnetic field of every Red Velvet™ after it's assembled. The Red Velvet™ was originally designed for the bridge position, but it will also work well in the neck and middle, where it can be combined with a bridge humbucker like the Air Classic™.

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