Way Huge

Way Huge Electronics T-sh

Black t-shirt with green Way Huge logo for the famous pedals now proudly reissued by Jim Dunlop. Available sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large.

Way Huge Green Rhino MK I

More compact than its ancestors, but it has more force than ever. In addition to the volume, tone and drive controls of the originals, this beast has...

HotWay Huge Joe Bonamassa Do

The Doubleland Special Overdrive takes the bold and punchy Overrated Special OD—designed just for Joe Bonamassa—and doubles it up in a single...

Way Huge Swollen Pickle M

Surrenders super high-gain fuzz with copious amounts of smooth low-end to all who dare plug into it. With a twist of the sustain control, you’re...

Way Huge WHE201 Pork Loin

Make room for one more Way Huge original! The Pork Loin incorporates two  distinct tonal pathways that are blended together—a modern soft...

NewWay Huge WHE302 'Geisha'

The Way Huge Drive is simply named with a simple three-knob control setup. But on the inside of this pedal is a custom circuit that creates potent,...

Way Huge WHE406 Conquista

This aggressive gated Fuzz conquers sonic frontiers with ease and simplicity. Just use the classic Volume, Tone, Fuzz control setup to dial in your...

Way Huge WHE408 Russian P

The Russian-Pickle Fuzz dishes out smooth, creamy fuzz tones with a clear mid-range to cut through the mix and a fat bottom end that keeps your sound...

Way Huge WHE701 Aqua Puss

The Aqua-Puss MkII is making its triumphant return, ready to bathe a tone-thirsty world in gorgeously smooth delay. One twist of the Delay knob takes...

SaleWay Huge® Red Llama™ 2

In 1992, the groundbreaking ungulate thunder of the Red Llama Overdrive was unleashed upon the world. Way Huge are celebrating this beastie’s first...

Way Huge® WHE707 Supa-Pu

The Way Huge® Supa-Puss™ Analog Delay was designed by delay master Jeorge Tripps for exploring the farthest reaches of true analog delay...