StageTrix Pedal Fastener

Industrial strength fastener optimized just for pedals. "You owe it to yourself to get these. Five out of five!" - The Pedal Fastener...

StageTrix Pedal Riser

No more tap dancing, no more messy cables on your pedalboard. "Killer pedalboard management" - Premier Guitar Magazine Most pedalboards have only one...

StageTrix Setting Saver

Over the decades have seen multiple ways for people to mark the settings on their amplifiers, effects pedals and mixing consoles, but none were ever...

StageTrix SuperLoop 2.4m

SuperLoop is a super low profile loop fastener that combined with StageTrix Pedal Fasteners will give you the security to know that overtime you pull...

StageTrix Wah Fastener™

Mount your wah pedal firmly and easily on your board. The StageTrix Wah Fastener™ is the latest product from StageTrix. The concept was to offer a...