Bass DI and Effects

Tech 21 QStrip DI

The ‘60s and ‘70s are widely recognized as the heyday for professional recording console design. The EQ and preamp sections of these...

Tech 21 Red Ripper Bass F

If you think the Red Ripper is just another bass fuzzbox, you don’t know Jack. This all-analog distortion effect features aggressive tones and...

Tech 21 SansAmp RBI

The 1U rackmount SansAmp RBI is a pumped-up, expanded version of SansAmp's popular SansAmp Bass Driver DI pedal. In addition to Drive, Presence, and...

Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass R

The VT Bass rackmount is an expanded version of Tech 21's popular VT Bass pedal. In addition to Drive, Character and active EQ controls, this single...

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Tech21 Bass Fly Rig

Tech 21 were hammered with requests for a bass version of the Fly Rig 5 since the day it was introduced. How could they not answer the call? Tech 21...

Two Notes Le Bass 2 Chann

With Le Bass, the ultra clean Channel A is perfect for today’s modern techniques with lightning fast response and a full spectrum of tone. Channel...