Controllers & Switches

Radial Engineering Mix-Bl

The Radial Tonebone Mix-Blender™ is a multi-function pedal that lets you mix two instruments or effects together and then send the combined signal...

Radial Engineering Shotgu

The Shotgun™ is a compact guitar-level signal buffer designed to drive up to four amplifiers simultaneously and fit nicely on any pedalboard. It...

SaleRadial Engineering Switch

The ultimate AB-Y guitar amp switcher! Switchbone is a creative tool that is designed to allow your guitar to drive and control two amplifiers...

Radial Engineering Switch

The Radial Switchbone has quietly gained a huge following by some of the most talented players on the planet. Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, Alan...

Radial Engineering ToneBo

The Radial Engineering ToneBone PZ-DI Piezo and Magnetic pickup selector / DI was designed for guitars with magnetic and piezo pickups. Footswitch...

Radial JR-5 Remote

The Radial JR-5 is a multi-switch remote control designed for the Radial JX44 Air Control wireless guitar and stage amp switcher which can also be...

Radial Twinline™ Effect

Shares your pedalboard between two amp loops Lets you optimise the signal path for each amp Works with pedals or balanced studio processors Can be...

TC Electronic G-SWITCH Tr

G-Switch remote control for G-Sharp Nothing, but sturdy hard-wearing quality known from other TC products built to endure life on the road. 3-button...

Tech 21 MIDI Mongoose Con

Whether you’re a MIDI-meister or amongst the MIDI-mindless, the MIDI Mongoose is a super simple way to control your gear on stage, in the studio,...

Tech 21 MIDI Mouse
Tech 21 MIDI Mouse

The MIDI Mouse is designed to take the frustration and confusion out of MIDI and offer an exceptionally user-friendly footcontroller. Easily access...

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Tomsline Liner ABY Signal

ABY signal switch pedal Signal path from Y to A (red light), from Y to B (green light), or from Y to both A and B (yellow light) Or, signal path from...