Rack Effects

Ebtech 2-Channel Line Lev

The Line Level Shifter from Ebtech uses the physics of inductance and impedance matching to increase or decrease signal voltages without adding noise...

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Ebtech® 8-Channel Rack M

This 8-Channel Hum Eliminator from Ebtech breaks ground-loops safely while leaving all signal grounds intact. Automatically translates signal...

Ebtech® 8-Channel Rack M

Ebtech's LLS-8 Line Level Shifter is used around the world by recording studios, audio/video production houses, live sound reinforcement companies,...

G-Lab SA-1 Signal Adapter

G-Lab's SA-1 Signal Adapter enables the user to adjust the signal level in the amp effects loop to the signal level required by effects. SA-1 let you...

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ISP Technologies THETA™

THETA Preamplifier with all the same features as the THETA Combo Amplifier in a standard 2U rack mount chassis. The THETA preamplifier ships with a...

Morley ELC Effects Loop C

The Effects Loop Corrector increases the signal in weak FX Loops for more headroom and a fuller sound. Conversely, the Effects Loop Corrector can...

MXR M235 Smart Gate Pro

This brilliant rack piece is the big brother to the Smart Gate pedal. The Smart Gate Pro features the same great noise reduction as the pedal, with...

TC Electronic G-FORCE Gui

The legendary G-Force gives you a variety of great sound effects in an easy to program and fun to operate single rack unit. State-of-the-art DSP...

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TC Electronic G-MAJOR 2 G

G-Major 2 is made by guitarists for guitarists. It is pure guitar magic in a single-space rack unit at a price that lets you ease into greatness....

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Xtreme Rack Mount Cases

Moulded ABS lightweight rack mount cases. Includes rack screws and washers. Cases available from 2 units up to 12 units. Black. Xtreme logo plate.