Compression & Sustain

Carl Martin Andy Timmons

The Carl Martin Andy Timmons Signature Compressor/Limiter! Just like the Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter, we believe this unit to be the most...

Carl Martin Classic Opto-

One day while Carl was adding some compression to a guitar track in his studio, he thought, why hasn’t anyone built a small opto-compressor for...

Carl Martin Compressor/Li

Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter has been specially developed to incorporate the same features and sonic clarity found in high quality professional...

Electro-Harmonix Black Fi

Optical Tube Compressor. Dual tube magic! Using the same professional-grade techniques as the most revered, vintage, high-end studio compressors, the...

Electro-Harmonix Nano Sou

One of finest compressors ever built for guitar or bass, the Electro-Harmonix Soul Preacher is an effect pedal that offers 3 selectable attacks...

Electro-Harmonix White Fi

Analog Optical Compressor. Let There Be White! Just like its cousin the Black Finger, the White Finger yields transparent, long sustain that...

G-Lab BC-1 Boosting Compr

Boosting Compressor BC-1 is a classic full analog compressor with opto component which ensures the highest sound quality. Thanks to its ultra low...

Mooer Spark Compressor

Modern compressor with low noise, super-linear buffer signal circuit and optocoupler delivers a smooth compression effect. Adjustable attack for...

Mooer Yellow Comp Compres

Classic optical compressing sound with smooth attack and decay, whilst retaining your original tone Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True...

MXR CSP028 Vintage Dyna C

In the quest for ultimate tone, a compressor is an indispensable ally. And the MXR Dyna Comp that was produced in 1976 has long been regarded as the...

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MXR CSP102SL Script Dyna

The Dyna Comp Compressor is famous for its first-rate, no-nonsense approach to tightening up your guitar signal and creating rich, full-bodied...

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MXR M102 Dyna Comp

The Dyna Comp is a compressor that lets you set a maximum output level and the sensitivity at which it kicks in. This device can produce that...