Preamp & EQ

Tech 21 Character Series

That distinctive diamond grille tone is yours for the tweaking. From the jangle of mop-top pop to the top-boosted growl of mod rock, this amp style...

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Tech 21 Character Series

Get it on with this orange-flavored retro rocker. Experience T-rextacy with the greasy grit of ‘70s London glam, or take it deeper and darker into...

Tech 21 Character Series

Packing more metal than Pittsburgh, the U.S. Steel is high gain Valhalla. Blistering distortions and searing lead tones just keep coming; every...

Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 Pedalbo

Free yourself from the signal chains of bondage. Emancipate yourself from the oppression of evil backline loaners. Liberate yourself from the...

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Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi

The Hot-Rod Plexi pedal is inspired by vintage amps of the same nickname. While those hulking stacks are known to sound best at ear-bleed levels,...

Tech 21 QStrip DI

The ‘60s and ‘70s are widely recognized as the heyday for professional recording console design. The EQ and preamp sections of these...

Tomsline 5-band Graphic E

Analogue 5-band guitar equalizer +-18dB gain range 100Hz, 250Hz, 630Hz, 1.6kHz and 4kHz control Volume control True bypass Aluminium alloy case High...

Tomsline AC Stage Acousti

Simulates 3 kinds of acoustic guitar tone Based on Boss AC-2 Volume, body and top control 3 mode options: piezo, standard and jumbo True bypass...

Two Notes Le Bass 2 Chann

With Le Bass, the ultra clean Channel A is perfect for today’s modern techniques with lightning fast response and a full spectrum of tone. Channel...

Two Notes Le Clean 2 Chan

Le Clean takes its inspiration from the classic amps of southern California in all shades of brown, black and silver. Channel A has a pure ultra...

Two Notes Le Crunch 2 Cha

Le Crunch combines the greatest tones of the classic British stack of amps that have defined Rock’n’Roll since the late 60’s. Channel A’s...