Wah and Expression

Jim Dunlop KH95 Kirk Hamm

Now you can command the same killer wah tone as Kirk with the new Kirk Hammett Signature Wah. Developed in close collaboration with the metal guitar...

Jim Dunlop SW95 Slash Sig

Like the man himself, the new Slash Wah from Dunlop is both revolutionary and classic, right down to its hot rod metallic red finish and cutting edge...

Mooer Funky Monkey Auto W

Wide adjustable range auto wah effects 3 peak modes for chosing Full metal shell Very small and exquisite True bypass Specifications: Input: 1/4”...

Morley Classic Wah
Morley Classic Wah

The Morley Classic Wah Pedal gives you Classic Morley wah tone in a rugged, electro-optical effect pedal with roadworthy metal housing. Features LED...

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Morley EOV Optical Volume

Pristine volume control with no pots to wear out! The EOV Optical Volume pedal from Morley uses an electro-optical circuit instead of traditional...

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Morley FX Blender Express

The FX Blender, a development from Morley's Custom Shop, allows you to blend your full effects chain with the pure signal from your guitar. Simply...

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Morley George Lynch Drago

Morley and George Lynch collaborated to develop this limited edition Wah Guitar Pedal. The Dragon Wah is an Electro-Optical, switchless Wah with two...

Morley Little Alligator V

The Morley Little Alligator Volume Pedal is a better volume pedal, equipped with Morley's electro-optical circuitry to ensure noise-free,...

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Morley Mark Tremonti Wah

The ultimate live performance wah designed to Mark Tremonti's specs. The driving guitar force behind Creed helped design the Morley Mark Tremonti Wah...

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Morley Mini Morley Volume

Optical volume pedal in a size that is perfect for a pedal board or for cramped quarters. The Morley Mini Morley Volume effect is an optical volume...

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Morley Mini Morley Wah

Morley's famous optical circuitry in a wah suited perfectly for pedal boards. The Mini Morley Wah pedal iss an optical wah effect sized to fit a...

Morley MSW Maverick Mini

No switches to deal with—just step on it and go! The Maverick Mini Switchless Wah pedal from Morley has no switch for on/off, meaning you just step...

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