Amp Heads

VHT i30 Head with ToneLin

Take your apps to the stage: The app-friendly VHT i-30 combines real tube tone with 21st century connectivity. It features a tone-enhancing 12AX7...

VHT Special 12/20 Head

The Pedal-Friendly Amp with Selectable Power Ranges Building on the success of the popular VHT Special 6 and Special 6 Ultra, the VHT Special 12/20...

VHT Special 12/20 RT Head

Handwired pedal-friendly preamp design, Switchable 12 or 20 Watts, Reverb, Tremolo and a 9V power supply for your favourite pedals. The VHT Special...

VHT Special 44 Amp Head

The Special 44’s preamp was designed to bring out the best in every effects pedal and multi-effects unit with enhanced clarity, detail, and...

VHT Special 6 Head

Boutique amp players will love the Special 6’s combination of handwired tube goodness, unique features and unparalleled value. The mod-friendly...

SaleVHT Special 6 Ultra Head

With its additional preamp gain stage, amazing variable Watts control, unique Depth control and tube-driven effects loop, the new high-gain Special 6...

Woogie 100/60 Watt Head -

Second-hand Woogie (made in Adelaide) 100W/60W valve amp. Recent service. Great condition.

 Sold Out