Guitar Combos

Randall Diavlo RD40C 40 W

2 Channel 40w all tube (12AX7/6L6) Combo with Spring Reverb, Tube Boost Mode, 2 function footswitch. Specifications: Wattage / Power: 40w @ 1%...

Randall Diavlo RD5C 5 Wat

Single Channel all tube 5 watt (12AX7/6V6) 1 × 10" Combo with Gain, Tone, Master Volume, 3 way Tone StackShift for midrange contour with Class A...

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Randall KH75 Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett Signature 1 x 12″ Combo with 2-channels. Overdrive channel with dual gains, voicing switch and contour control. Clean channel with...

Randall Kirk Hammett KH-1

Kirk Hammett practice combo. 15W, 2-channel, with overdrive and boost function. 3-band EQ, phone jack, CD/tape input. PREAMP CHANNELS 2 Channels ...

Randall RG1503-212 150 Wa

3 Channel, 150w High Gain FET Solid State 2×12 closed back combo with Reverb, FX loop, 1/8″ Stereo Media input, Headphone output, Speaker...

Randall RG80 80 Watt Comb

2 Channel, 80w High Gain FET Solid State 1×12 combo with Reverb, FX loop, 1/8″ Stereo Media input, Headphone output,Speaker emulated XLR direct...

VHT Special 12/20 RT Comb

Handwired pedal-friendly preamp design, Switchable 12 or 20 Watts, Reverb, Tremolo and a 9V power supply for your favourite pedals. The VHT Special...

VHT Special 6 6 Watt Comb

Boutique amp players will love the Special 6’s combination of handwired tube goodness, unique features and unparalleled value. The mod-friendly...

VHT Special 6 Ultra Combo

With its additional preamp gain stage, amazing variable Watts control, unique Depth control and tube-driven effects loop, the new high-gain Special 6...